NEW Rodent Control Law

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New Rodent Control Law

California Ecosystems Protection Act (AB 1788) outlaws the use of the pest industry’s most popular rodent control products and is in effect now.


Why is a NEW Rodent Control Law?


Since the 1970’s the pest control industry has been using second-generation anticoagulants in rodent control bait stations in commercial and residential settings where rodents were an issue. In 2018, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) found in 11 different studies that second-generation anticoagulants are un-intentionally poisoning a wide range of wildlife, including mountain lions, bobcats, hawks, and others.

By altogether banning the use of second-generation anticoagulants, the law aims to protect wildlife from the unintended secondary poisoning that was occurring.

Accurate’s Response

We have made the switch! The products we now use for rodent control services are fully compliant with AB 1788 and field-tested for efficacy.

We have carefully considered alternatives for months and are proud to be a part of the solution by providing rodent control in a way that does not endanger wildlife or the environment as a whole. We have been careful to make the change without disrupting the current services we provide you and have absorbed the cost in the spirit of goodwill.

Accurate's Response

How does it affect my property?

How does it affect my property? New Rodent Control Law

Rodent control will require more. Responsible and compliant pest control operators will be using first-generation products, meaning that products cannot build up in rodents risking secondary poisoning down the road.

However, this means that rodents must consume more product to achieve population control. Consuming more product requires more time and more exposure opportunities. In short, it will require more patience to get challenging rodent problems under control.

Over time, your technician may recommend modifications to your rodent control program to maximize efficacy and achieve the same levels of control as before.

What should I do?


If you have had a bad rodent issue in the past or are concerned that rodent activity may increase due to this change, it may be a good time to request an inspection and assessment. There are proactive measures such as comprehensive exclusion work that may help prevent a sudden surge of rodent activity coming indoors.

What should I do? New Rodent Control Law

Consider acquiring Accurate’s Smart Live-Tracking stations to monitor rodent activity in real-time and cater your rodent control program to actual measured rodent activity on your property. Our Live-Tracking bait stations monitor real traffic going into bait stations and provide usable data to customize your rodent control program. The data helps identify rodent traffic that may go otherwise undetected and determines the best areas to target and the right amount of product necessary to get proper control of a rodent problem.

Request a consultation if you are concerned these changes may lead to a resurgence of a rodent issue.

Most importantly, please communicate any changes you notice in rodent activity in and around your property. We hope that you will continue to experience the same level of control and want every opportunity to adapt and change as necessary to provide you with the same great service as before.

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