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Termites have special enzymes, protozoa and bacteria in their guts that allow them to digest cellulose - the organic fibrous material in wood and plants.

million years is how long termites have lived on the Earth.

Termite bodies can range up to 3/8 inches (or 9 mm) long.

Colonies can range from a few thousand individuals to several million, depending on their species.


Most termite control in California is done by local termite treatment. Local treatment refers to any treatment designed to target specific areas with evidence of infestation.


This is contrary to whole-structure approaches to termite control including fumigation (aka “tenting”), or whole-structure heat treatments.

When a structure is well maintained and infestation levels are within reach, local termite treatments can and have proven to provide sufficient control of infestation levels as well as protect the structure from suffering incremental termite damage.


There are a variety of products available for termite control by way of local termite treatment.

Some products, such as those that are boron based (aka “borates”), work well as topical applications on lumber to help prevent termite and other wood-destroying-organism infestations; others containing the active ingredient Fipronil, such as Termidor®, work well to control a live and active termite infestation.

Some companies purchase and use only certain products on every home they treat; however, Accurate Termite & Pest Control inspectors base their recommendation on your home’s individual needs. 


A number of entomologists, including some in UC Berkley and UC Riverside, performed an independent study to measure the performance and efficacy of all local treatment products available to all termite control operators in California.

Their research(click here to read the full report) found that different products can vary drastically in their level of efficacy and success in achieving control of live termite infestations.

Accurate Termite & Pest Control only uses those products that are approved for use in residential, commercial and health care settings that have also been proven to have excellent success rate levels.


When treating for drywood termite infestations, the application of products is most commonly done by drilling and treating directly into the infested wood members.

However, different needs may present the need to apply products in the form of foams or dusts. In any case, Accurate Termite & Pest Control always applies products per each products specific label instructions and in such a way that they reach only the intended pest and not your family or pets.

When performed professionally and as directed, termite treatments do not expose your pets and family members to pesticides. All treatments for termites are performed by Accurate Termite & Pest Control always come with a satisfaction and service warranty.

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