What is the most environmentally friendly pest control application?

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Often, pest control is associated with dangerous chemicals and environmental threats.

Over time, the field of pest control has benefited from advances in technology and scientific research that has drastically reduced and in some cases all-together removed adverse health or environmental effects.

Such is the case of pinpoint spraying.

Pinpoint spraying is one method of pest control application often used in exteriors and at times home interiors.

In exterior application situations, it is comparable to granules and power spraying.

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Pinpoint Spraying


Pinpoint spraying consists of a wand extending from a backpack containing a pest control solution. A pest control technician mixes water with pest control products to a dilution ratio and then introduces and seals the solution into a wearable backpack.

The technician creates pressure in the tank using a pump with one hand. Then, the technician sprays the solution with a wand-like extension that allows him to control the amount and direction.


Almost all the advantages of pinpoint spraying have to do with control of the product:

The technician applies the product in cracks and crevices around the perimeter of your home with acute precision.

The product is applied only in areas where it is intended and needed.

When applied responsibly, it is extremely unlikely to apply too much product to create runoff or end up in unintended areas.


Mixing in smaller quantities reduces the probability of leaving unused solution at the end of the day. The only disadvantage of this treatment method is that it is the most labor-intensive method.

Unlike power-spraying, pinpoint spraying for pest control requires the technician to walk all around the property while wearing a heavy liquid-filled tank on their back.

There is redundancy because technicians find themselves measuring and mixing the product multiple times per day. There is added time per stop to allow the technician to mindfully walk the perimeter of a property and responsibly apply the product. Using this method adds to the cost of service. 

Costs of pinpoint spraying are a con if we compare it with the low labor cost of granule applications and power spraying.

When considering different options for pest control and treatment methods, keep in mind the pros and cons that each option introduces to your home, family, and the environment.

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