What are the facts about Orange Oil?


Orange Oil is often marketed as a natural alternative termite control product.


No, it does not!

Let’s take a look at what scientists have to say about whether or not orange oil works to control termites.

In 2009, UC Berkeley studied the effectiveness of a number of local termite treatment products available at the time and orange oil was one of them.

In that study, they took a sampling of over 100 houses across 14 cities in Southern California.

They tested all of the different local treatment application methods available at the time and they used different applicators. This way they controlled for variations in location, application variables from person-to-person, company-to-company, etc.

They had 2 control groups, one where there wasn’t any treatment applied and the other where only water was used.

The results showed that orange oil did NOT effectively control the infestation of termites.

False Claims by the Makers of Orange Oil


There was a time when the makers of Orange Oil published on their website that

“[Orange Oil] provides an immediate kill”…

To which the EPA wrote them a letter saying that the claim was “ considered to be a heightened efficacy claim, and not supported by the efficacy data submitted” when the makers registered it.

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How to Avoid Being Scammed by Orange Oil Peddlers

So, How can you avoid being scammed by Orange Oil Peddlers? Make sure you ask the right questions when you hire a pest control company.


  1. Can you produce any data or a study that backs up the claim that orange oil instantly kills termites?
  2. Do you use orange oil exclusively?

Only hire a reputable company that uses effective treatments for termites, backed by scientific studies.

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