What Exactly is a Pest?

by | Sep 9, 2013 | Single Family Home

What Exactly is a Pest? Accurate Termite and Pest ControlDictionary.com describes a pest as “annoying or troublesome person, animal, or thing.

”While Accurate Termite Control of Orange County won’t get rid of the annoying people in your life we can certainly take care of the animals and insects. Pests are generally considered any animal or insect that is a nuisance. If you have unwanted cockroaches, mice, reptiles, raccoons, ants or rats roaming around your property these are all considered “pests.”

One of the most common and overlooked pests in Orange County are raccoons. While many residents often see them digging through our lawns and scurrying around in trash bins, they do not consider the possible threats they could be posing. Did you know that while raccoons may not look harmful, they carry diseases like roundworm and rabies which can infect you and your pet?

Something else you might not know is that some cockroaches, like termites, can eat wood! Roaches are largely considered the worst pests as they can live in any environment and are extremely difficult to exterminate on your own. Without proper extermination, these pests can compromise the structure of your home, and also put your family and health in danger.

A lot of homeowners brush off the early signs of these unwanted creatures, which is why a regular pest control inspection is so important. If you notice small holes or sawdust piles near windows, gnawed food packaging, droppings or other indications of pests, it is important to contact Accurate Termite Control right away. We know how to spot and fix a problem before it affects you and your family. It’s also important that you don’t try and take care of this issue yourself. Our highly trained team is aware that a handful of these bugs have a poisonous bite and that many animals carry dangerous diseases.

Contact us at Accurate Pest Control in Orange County today and put your home in the trusted hands of Orange County’s experienced exterminators.