What are Swarmers?

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Single Family Home

Swarmer - Accurate Termite and Pest Control Swarmers are winged termites called alates who leave their nest to find a mate and establish a new colony. Certain environmental conditions, such as humidity, cause a great number of swarmers to take flight in search of a new home (usually within 600 to 900 feet from the original colony). These swarms follow regular cycles and differ from one species to another. Most subterranean species swarm in the spring and sometimes in the fall, especially after a rain. Eastern and Western subterranean termites swarm during daylight hours, while the Formosan subterraneans prefer the warm spring and summer evenings.

Aside from regular swarm cycles, there are other factors that can trigger a swarm. For example, a shortage of food and water and sometimes pesticides can cause swarmers to leave the nest. Western subterranean termites are on the constant lookout for food and can enter buildings through cracks in concrete flooring or under tile flooring with gaps less than 1/16″ wide. A newly established colony is not as active at first. After about 4 years, the colony will begin producing swarmers, which is peak season. The presence of swarmers is an indication that a large and well established colony is nearby, signaling the need for professional protection.

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