One of the most common things that people don´t want to have at home is pests. Our traditional spring cleanup in Southern California is one of the best times to get rid of this problem.

With the arrival of the spring season, the traditional spring clean up also serves as a way to have a pest-free environment. To successfully clean up your house and prepare for the spring season, there are a few tips to make it more precise.

Tips to achieve a successful spring clean up


1-Kitchen cleaning

Your kitchen is a hotspot for pests, especially ants. One of the places they frequent most is the kitchen pantry where they search for food they can gather and take back to their nests. Products like expired flour, sugar, cookies, and other sweets are their favorite.

In order to remove this pest from your kitchen, it is important to conduct  thorough cleaning. Remove expired food, clean up fallen food and crumbs and then disinfect with a powerful detergent.

2-Cleaning the bathrooms

Bathrooms are a favorite place for roaches to nest due to the high concentration of humidity and dirt. Roaches are very annoying but also dangerous pests, and it is important to keep them at bay all the time.

To eliminate this pest from the bathroom, it is important to keep the bathroom as dry as possible. It has been proven that roaches can last only a week without water, hence the best solution is to remove water. Check all faucets and fix any leaks you find. Clean your bathroom with a good disinfectant. After cleaning your bathroom, wipe and dry all surfaces thoroughly.

3-Outdoor maintenance

Included in your spring cleaning to do list should be your backyard.

It is important that tall trees have their leaves and branches cut. This will prevent wasp and other flying pests from nesting there. Take good care of your trees. All trees that are not well-maintained sooner or later will be the perfect nest for termites, and other pests. Even if your trees are a good distance from your house, it is necessary to give them the right maintenance. Prevention goes a long way.  

Why is spring cleaning so important?

With spring comes an outpouring of pests and you don’t want them taking over your home. Pests are not only pesky but can be a health hazard as well. By following these guidelines, you will be ready to receive spring and enjoy it fully.