Rodent Proofing Your Home

Rodent Proofing Blog Accurate BlogRodent proofing your home. Rodents have been the natural pandemic for centuries. No matter how hard we try to keep them out they always get in. Did you know about 1/3 of today’s population endures issues with rodents and many don’t know how to rodent-proof their home?

Rodents are very fond of cozy nesting areas near an ample supply of food, especially when fall and winter are around the corner. When we are cold, we’re motivated to move to a warmer environment, and the same goes for other creatures. But really, we do not want our private warm space to be invaded by miscreants that can harm our health. You can follow these simple steps to ensure you are pest-free.



Indoor Rodent Proofing your Home.

First things first, make sure all your food is sealed as much as possible and put away. Put food in rodent-proof containers; such as Tupperware or seal lock containers. Remove as much garbage from the home as often as possible. Check for and fix any holes and cracks around the home. Fix or replace any screens that are torn or damaged. Make sure to close all windows and doors whenever possible. Clean up any loose objects that they can hide around. Fix leaky or damaged piping, as most rodents tend to enter your home through the pipe systems, utility wires, or even garage doors that don’t close tightly enough.

Outdoor Rodent Proofing your Home

First off, you want to make sure that all holes and cracks ¼ inch or larger around the house and the foundation are covered and fixed. You can do this by getting copper mesh to cover the damaged area and seal it with caulking to ensure no small creatures or critters can fit inside. Make sure all doors, windows, and frames create a tight seal. Cut back any trees too close to the house, and trim any bushes to prevent rodents from nesting near you. If you store firewood, make sure to keep it at least a few feet from the home and on a platform.

It takes extra work to rodent-proofing your home, but by following these tips you’re in for a rodent-free winter.

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