Where do Pests Hide in the Home?

by | Single Family Home

Your home sweet home, may not seem so sweet once you find you’ve got unwanted guests. As we head into the colder months, many critters will be searching for a nice warm place to ride out the cold. Just like people, pests need shelter, food, and water. If they can secure these three things in your home without being disturbed, they will most surely set up camp and make themselves right at home. Here is a list of the most common places to hide for the most common pests:

  • Garage- spiders and silverfish
  • Laundry room- earwigs and beetles
  • Bathroom- ants, cockroaches, earwigs, beetles
  • Bedroom- bed bugs, spiders, fleas, mites
  • kitchen- ants and cockroaches
  • Attics and basements- mice, rats, and spiders
  • Pantry- meal moths and weevils
  • Walls- mice, rats, termites
  • cracks and crevices- earwigs, ants, cockroaches
Where do pests hide in the home?

Keep in mind that this list merely points out the most common places, but any pest on the list may be found in any part of the house. Pests will go anywhere they can find food, water and warmth. Knowing the most common hideouts is the starting point. The best method of control is prevention. If you make sure to seal away food, clean up spills, seal up entryways and fix leaks in your home, you will be less likely to see those critters come in. If, however, you still end up with some creepy crawlers, Accurate Termite and Pest Control is just a phone call away.

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