Home Habits We’ve Dropped since Being Stuck inside during the Pandemic


The COVID19 pandemic has changed the way we used to do things. People have developed habits they didn’t have before and, of course, this has come with its own effects.

For instance, there are home habits that we’ve dropped since being stuck inside during the pandemic and the effects have been to attract more pests.

Since we are living in unfamiliar times, here are home habits we’ve stopped keeping:

1. Throwing Trash As Soon As Possible


Throwing away trash as soon as possible is one of the home habits that have been maintained for the longest time.

The reason for this is because it helps to make the house clean and keep pests away. However, things have changed a bit during the pandemic period.

Since we’re at home for longer hours than we used to, the amount of trash has increased, and disposing of it isn’t as often as before.

Obviously, with more people in the house, it means that people are eating more and garbage is increasing. With this, pests are increasingly becoming a problem in the house.

2. Avoiding Overripe Fruits


Before the pandemic struck, we knew how to manage the buying and consumption of fruits in the house.

Rarely would you find overripe fruits in the house because they were bought in quantities that the household could handle within a specific period of time.

Have home habits changed since being stuck inside during the pandemic? Of course, yes. Since people are working from home, they are buying larger quantities of fruits, causing a big problem in the house.

You will find overripe fruits in the house because they are beyond their lifespan. The effect of this is inviting pests like flies, which is a big problem.

Home Habits We've Dropped since Being Stuck inside during the Pandemic

3. Maintaining Clean Dishes throughout the Day

Another one of the home habits that we’ve dropped since being stuck at home during the pandemic is the regular maintenance of clean dishes throughout the day.

Rarely you would find a sink full of dirty dishes. But, the situation is different nowadays. You will find dirty dishes in the kitchen for long periods of time.

This is because adults are working from home and children are also learning from home. Since everyone is at home, the usage of dishes is higher compared to the period before the pandemic.

The more you use dishes, the harder it is to maintain them clean throughout the day. Of course, this is the perfect environment for pests to find shelter in your house.

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