How Can I Get Rid of Dust?

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You’ve heard it said many times that a clean house is less likely to attract bugs. Being clean and organized sure makes it hard for pests to find a nest in your home, but some aspects of cleaning seem impossible to tackle, case in point: dust. Dust is ever present in homes. You can never get rid of it 100%. It’s a fact of life that we have to live with, but that doesn’t mean we can’t minimize it and its unfavorable effects. Dust can not only cause allergic reactions and carry many little dust mites, but it can also be toxic. Depending on where you live and the type of furniture you have, there may be dust particles in your home that are hazardous to your health. So, it’s obvious that dust should be reduced. We’ve visited many sites to find helpful tips to get rid of dust and have compiled the following list, happy dusting!

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  • Use the right supplies– Get rid of those feather dusters and dry towel cloths. These will only move the dust around. You’re better off using microfiber or electrostatic cloths which will absorb that dust up and away from surfaces. All you have to do is throw them in the wash and they’re ready to use again. If purchasing new cloths does not fit your budget right now, make sure to dampen your cloths so the dust will stick to them, otherwise that dust will fall right off and land happily where it was (what a waste of time!).
  • Clean from top to bottom– start with the highest part of the room and work your way down. If you start low, as you move your way up, some dust may fall down to the spots you already cleaned, this is obviously counterproductive. Your time and energy are precious, so use them wisely.
  • Vacuum often and maintain your vacuum– Dust accumulates nonstop, so it’s best to vacuum your carpet and upholstered furniture on a weekly basis, more than once a week, if possible. Also make sure your vacuum is in good shape. Consider it your right hand in fighting dust, so take care of it. Make sure the filters are changed often (HEPA filters are the most effective), the parts are clean, and bags and canisters are replaced when needed.
  • Change air filters- Your heating and air conditioning systems have air filters that trap dust. Make sure you change them monthly so they are doing their job well. Corrugated filters work best to attract dust.
  • Change your bedding- Your mattresses and places of rest are magnets for dust. Make sure to change your bedding at least once a week. Wash all sheets and pillow cases and don’t forget your children’s stuffed animals and pillow pets!
    Beat your rugs and cushions- Vacuuming rugs and couch surfaces will not suck up that dust that lives deep down inside them. It’s best to take your rugs and cushions outside and give them a good beating. Your children might enjoy doing the whacking. Give them a tennis racket and let them have at it!
  • Don’t forget those closets- Closets are breeding grounds for dust. Store any seasonal wardrobes in plastic containers to lock-in fiber break down. Wrap suits and less-often-used clothes in plastic. Keep your closet floor clear of clutter. Make it easy to go in there and vacuum the floor often, otherwise those closet floors get neglected for months or even years (yuck!).
  • Invest in a professional mat- It’s said that 80% of the dirt and dust in your house comes through your shoes as you walk through the door. It’s smart to take off your shoes, but if you want to go the extra mile, purchase a professional door mat that will trap the dust you bring from outside. These are called walk-off mats and are usually made of nylon with a rubber or vinyl back.
    Following these tips will help minimize the dust in your home, so you can breathe easier (and healthier) and rest assured those dust mites won’t be wreaking havoc in your home.

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