Birds Are Considered a Pest in Southern California

Birds Are Considered a Pest in Southern California - Accurate Termite and Control PigeonSouthern California is renowned for its temperate climate and natural beauty, but while this makes it a popular destination for people from around the world, it also can attract large numbers of birds who make their homes in residential and commercial areas and become a nuisance to those who live or work nearby.

People often view birds as friendly neighbors, but they may not be aware of the numerous pest-like qualities large flocks of birds can bring with them to the neighborhoods and communities where they nest. For example, seagulls are an iconic fixture along the gorgeous beaches of Southern California, but they also are scavengers who can be bothersome to those eating along the sidewalks and beaches, while also building nests and leaving behind droppings that carry diseases or cause damage to property. Pigeons and house sparrows also bring with them their own set of challenges to home and business owners across Southern California.

One little-known fact about pigeons is that they can carry a wide variety of both bacterial and fungal infections that include psittacosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcus, and more. These diseases can pose a particular threat to those with an auto-immune disorder.

Some common signs that indicate the presence of a pigeon infestation include bird nests and nesting materials throughout the property, concentrated droppings in areas where birds roost, and continued cries from young chicks and adult birds heard throughout the day.

It’s important to realize that pigeons prefer tall areas and buildings with flat roofs for nesting areas, and may gather near balconies, ledges, chimney stacks, or gutters to roost and congregate.

While pigeons generally enjoy ledges and balconies or gutter areas, seagulls typically like flocking together on flat roof areas in particular. Yet another form of bird pest infestation within Southern California comes as a result of the common house sparrow.

One of the easiest ways to recognize a house sparrow infestation is the presence of their constant cries and chirping, a trademark signal that is unique to house sparrows.

These dull-colored birds seek to make their homes in protected areas that include window openings, shop signs, or balcony ledges. House sparrows are aggressive and invasive birds who will compete with other birds for food and chase them away, even possibly attacking humans who get too close to their nesting areas or young chicks.

Like pigeons, house sparrows are also capable of transmitting disease through their droppings, making them important to remove for the health and safety concerns of others.


Birds Are Considered a Pest in Southern California - Accurate Termite and Pest Control Seagulls

House sparrows are known to adapt to a wide variety of settings, from residential and suburban areas to cities, and even rural environments. Because many of the diseases found in their bird droppings are fungal in nature, this means that they are airborne, and able to be carried into the lungs of those nearby. This makes clearing away their droppings a high priority for home and business owners, which can incur steep costs over the course of time as the number of birds continues to grow.

As you now see, having large flocks of birds in the area may not be as simple as it first sounds, and many remain unaware of the often significant health issues and high potential for property damage that these birds can bring along with them. By understanding the need to deal with these often troublesome bird pests, you’ll be more prepared to find the professional help that you need for addressing these all too common issues.

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