5 Summer Pest Control Tips

by | Jul 12, 2013 | Single Family Home

5 Summer Pest Control Tips AccurateThe warm and dry weather of summer may draw pests and rodents to seek refuge in your home.  Some pest and rodent infestations require the professional service of an Professional Pest Control Company on your area. Here are some tips to help keep these unwanted summer visitors out.

1. Keep counters and tables clean. The warm summer months alter the food supply of pests and rodents. Leaving crumbs on the ground or on countertops attract hungry pests who will continue to inhabit your home with an available food supply. Before you know it, you have an infestation. Keep surfaces in your home clean, letting pests know that there is nothing to eat there. Be sure to look around at pest control treatments in Orange County to help you get rid of your pest infestation.

2. Get rid of standing water. During the summer, pests and rodents have to look harder for water. Like letting food remains stay on counters, standing water attract insects and rodents who want to quench their thirsts. For some pests, like mosquitoes, standing water is essential to larvae formation and development.

3. Keep food and trash in tightly sealed containers. The harder it is for pests and rodents to get food, the more likely they’ll move on to someplace else where food is more accessible.

4. Keep lawn mowed and bushes and trees trimmed. Insects like ticks and spiders like to hide in long grass or be concealed by overgrown shrubbery. Shorter lawns and trimmed bushes take away the hiding places of pests and rodents. With nowhere to hide, pests and rodents will move elsewhere.

5. Keep doors and windows shut except if they have a screen. Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible to keep unwanted pests from easily entering your home. As the summertime get warm, make sure your doors and windows are screened if you need to keep them open.

While there are many ways to help prevent a pest or termite infestation in the summer, the best way to ensure that no unwanted pests enter your home is to seek help from a professional pest control company. From initial assessments to ongoing monitoring, a pest control company can provide you with peace of mind and a pest free home. For the most comprehensive pest control services in Orange County contact Accurate Pest & Termite Control today.