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What Is IPM Pest Control?

ipm pest controlModern technology has facilitated recent discoveries with regards to our planet’s environmental well-being and our own physical health.

Because we better understand the impact of our lifestyle on the environment and personal physical health, we as a society have become increasingly sensitive to the relationship we have with our environment. We have become both sensitive to our impact on our environment, and the impact of the environment on us.

As a result, responsible termite and pest control companies’ operators have devised and implemented the methods and practices of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

The purpose of IPM principles and strategies is to minimize or eliminate pesticides’ environmental impact as well as to minimize or eliminate exposure of people, pets, and wildlife.

Accurate Termite and Pest Control is a leader in implementing IPM principles in all of the products and services they offer.



IPM pest control principles are founded on the complete elimination or significant reduction of the use of pesticides. Pest control programs integrated with IPM principles use non-pesticide methods such as non-pesticide exclusion, elimination or reduction of conducive conditions, biological/behavioral control, and habitat modification to name a few.

In IPM pest control, pesticides are used only after monitoring indicates they are needed. When an IPM pest control program does integrate the use of pesticides, they are used with the goal of removing only the target organism and are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, non-target organisms, and the environment.

Accurate Termite and Pest Control’s licensed inspectors, technicians, and applicators are regularly trained on IPM principles and are experts at their implementation in your home.

Successful IPM programs are founded on a partnership between customers and their pest professionals.

Your Accurate Termite and Pest Control representative will create a plan catered specifically to your home and will provide information that will help you prevent future pest infestations inside your home with very little to no pesticide use whatsoever.

IPM Pest Control is Safe and Effective

Pesticide training and IPM pest control are intimately linked. Educating and training customers about potential pest problems, their causes, and their respective IPM solutions is very important to our way of doing business.

At Accurate Termite and Pest Control, information is always free and readily available to help you best guard your home from pests.

IPM principles not only enhance pesticide safety by preventing exposure, they also maximize the efficacy of your home’s pest control program and likelihood of staying pest free.

Call Accurate Termite and Pest Control and see how Integrated Pest Management can make a difference in your home.

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