5 Ways to Better Communication in Your HOA

Accurate Better Communication in Your HOA BlogTo be a successful homeowners association (HOA) management, you must have effective communication. This includes communication among the board members and with the homeowners.

Poor communication can lead to compliance-related issues that may interfere with the community’s overall living standard.

Putting together a sound communication plan will help the reputation of your HOA board management. Better communication results in better care and supervision within the community.

Those within the community will appreciate your attention to detail and are likely to conform to all management rules. Having clear and concise communication regarding significant events and related news will enhance the personal relationships that you have. The tenants will believe that they are in an excellent place to live and will communicate this to potential tenants that are considering the property. We put together 5 Ways to Better Communication in Your HOA to improve the quality of your communication in your community.
You should review and share this guide with your HOA board members.

Here are the 5 ways to better communication in your HOA:

#1 Become an Active Listener

Communication as an HOA board member starts with actively listening to the people involved in the HOA. To be a great communicator, you must have excellent listening skills. Listening to others is the key to mending relationships and showing that you care.
Showing you care is the key to success in becoming an active listener. To become an active listener, you should follow these rules:
Give the speaker your undivided attention.Use body language and short gestures to provide feedback that you are listening.Wait until the appropriate time to judge. Don’t give quick answers.When appropriate, provide a response that considers everything.
Active listening will help show the community that you care. How you deal with every person will be communicated to everyone throughout the organization. Be careful as to what you do and make sure you take into consideration all of the information that is available to you.

#2 Implement a Social Media Communication Plan

HOA board members do not understand the value of having HOA social media accounts. Instead, they will gather phone numbers, emails, and other information that is not helpful in quick and effective in communication.