5 Ways to Better Communication in Your HOA

Accurate Better Communication in Your HOA BlogTo be a successful homeowners association (HOA) management, you must have effective communication. This includes communication among the board members and with the homeowners.

Poor communication can lead to compliance-related issues that may interfere with the community’s overall living standard.

Putting together a sound communication plan will help the reputation of your HOA board management. Better communication results in better care and supervision within the community.

Those within the community will appreciate your attention to detail and are likely to conform to all management rules. Having clear and concise communication regarding significant events and related news will enhance the personal relationships that you have. The tenants will believe that they are in an excellent place to live and will communicate this to potential tenants that are considering the property. We put together 5 Ways to Better Communication in Your HOA to improve the quality of your communication in your community.
You should review and share this guide with your HOA board members.

Here are the 5 ways to better communication in your HOA:

#1 Become an Active Listener

Communication as an HOA board member starts with actively listening to the people involved in the HOA. To be a great communicator, you must have excellent listening skills. Listening to others is the key to mending relationships and showing that you care.
Showing you care is the key to success in becoming an active listener. To become an active listener, you should follow these rules:
Give the speaker your undivided attention.Use body language and short gestures to provide feedback that you are listening.Wait until the appropriate time to judge. Don’t give quick answers.When appropriate, provide a response that considers everything.
Active listening will help show the community that you care. How you deal with every person will be communicated to everyone throughout the organization. Be careful as to what you do and make sure you take into consideration all of the information that is available to you.

#2 Implement a Social Media Communication Plan

HOA board members do not understand the value of having HOA social media accounts. Instead, they will gather phone numbers, emails, and other information that is not helpful in quick and effective in communication.
As an HOA board member, you should understand the value of social media. People are using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to obtain important information about their life. You should have social media accounts so that you can provide helpful reminders, maintenance schedules, and community events.
Better yet, social media accounts allow you to listen to your community members. Your community can submit complaints, notify you immediately of essential issues, and even contact you directly. Implementing social media will help you reduce appointments, nasty phone messages, and also improve HOA relations.
Social media and your website, can help you save money. Consider dropping your newsletter for a blog website. Include all critical events on your website and social media. Better yet, provide access to community rules on your website so that tenants can refer to it.
Social media will better communication in your HOA.

#3 Update Your Contact Information

Keeping abreast of current events, schedules, and maintenance issues should be a priority. However, keeping your contact information up to date is very important. When board members want to talk with you, they need an updated phone number. Make sure that not only is your personal information up to date but the HOA is up to date as well.
Having clear and straightforward communication with updated contact information goes far.

#4 Be Transparent at Meetings

Give the appearance that you have nothing to hide with regularly scheduled HOA meetings. Provide attendees with an agenda, HOA budgets, and future projects. Make the meetings as organized as you possibly can with more critical issues at the top of the list.
Regularly scheduled meetings get you face to face with your community and provide you with valuable information. But above all, these meetings show that you care and have authority.

#5 Build Professional Partnerships

First, having social media accounts helps your organization in many ways. You can build partnerships with local businesses that would like to advertise to your followers. You can do this by merely mentioning them in your Facebook or Instagram feed or liking the content of local businesses. These local businesses will then show up on your HOA resident’s feed. Before doing this, you should get approval from fellow board members.

Second, partnering with HOA management services is a great idea to get a great understanding of how to increase your HOA communication skills. Running an HOA as a board member can be quite tricky, especially if you are new to the game. HOA management services can help you run your HOA and improve communication throughout your community.

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