Do Subterranean Termites Bait Station Work?

by | Oct 3, 2018 | General Information, Pest control, Termite

Termite bait stations operate like other methods of subterranean termite control.


They are small stations placed around your home perimeter which attract subterranean termites there and exterminate them inside. See subterranean termite treatment methods.

One major problem with subterranean termite bait stations is that there is no way to exclude attracting NEW termites towards your home from only attracting those that were already aware of your home.  

It is conceivable that these bait stations could attract termites that were not aware of your home towards your house because of the bait stations.



You could have an influx of new termite traffic find their way to your house.

Also, Just because the product is attracting subterranean termites towards the bait stations does not mean they will make it or stay in the bait station.

Termites could find your house, your fence, your trees and shrubbery before they arrive to the bait station.

Yes, subterranean termites can and do infest trees from time to time


Subterranean Termite
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Subterranean termite control bait stations are a bit controversial amongst termite control operators because these are products that create a perpetual need for maintenance service.

If you don´t keep bait stations filled with product, termites will go into your home.

Then, a termite control technician needs to add more product to the bait stations on a regulary basis.

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Here is the controversy:
Termite control companies LOVE repeat and residual business.

Maintenance services are our jam and so there is a very strong fan base among termite companies for a service that creates a perpetual need for itself.

The controversy is that there yet a few of us termite control companies who are not convinced that subterranean bait stations are working better than other methods.


As of now, there is not enough convincing evidence or data to suggest that these bait stations produce significantly better results enough to justify charging customers up to 10 times more than other proven methods.

We must be sure termite bait stations produce 10 times better results than traditional methods in order to charge our customers 10 times the price.

I cannot honestly say that subterranean termite bait stations work better or worse than other subterranean termite treatment methods, but until the products, methods, and data improve, I would NOT pay for it in my home, nor will I sell it.

For a thorough inspection of your home and customized and warranted maintenance plan, contact us.

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