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The Truth About Cockroaches and Asthma

The Truth About Cockroaches and Asthma hen people hear the word “cockroach” it's most definitely connected to an unpleasant feeling. Naturally, cockroaches are associated with dirt and decay. On top of that, we all know how hard it is to get rid of...

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Spring Cleanup in Southern California

One of the most common things that people don´t want to have at home is pests. Our traditional spring cleanup in Southern California is one of the best times to get rid of this problem.With the arrival of the spring season, the traditional spring clean up also serves...

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Garden Pests in Southern California

What You Must Know About Garden Pests in Southern California Homeowners strive to take care of their gardens. Whether there are vegetables, landscape, flowers, shrubs or fruit trees; they invest money, effort and time to maintain a healthy garden, creating something...

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Where do Mosquitoes Go in Winter?

Where do Mosquitoes Go in Winter? inter seems to be the salvation for a large number of people, because it means that mosquitoes, termites, and pests in general, along with their possible diseases, diminish. People often ask where mosquitoes go in...

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How Does Pest Control Affect the Environment?

Not all pest control treatment methods and applications are created equal. There are many options of products and treatment application methods available and can vary widely in efficacy and cost. To learn about the best option for achieving lasting pest control and...

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