How can I avoid picking up bedbugs when I travel?

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How can I avoid picking up bedbugs when I travel?

Bedbugs are very efficient hitchhikers. They can move across a room with ease and climb onto luggage or anything left on a bed in just one night. Hotel rooms are perfect homes for bedbugs because of the supply of fresh hosts to feed on, and the difficulty of sustaining bedbug control in such facilities over the long-term. Since they are annoying and unhygienic, here are some tips on how to avoid picking them when traveling.

  1. Check the bathroom first

The first thing you check when you go to your hotel room for the first time is probably the view and the bedroom. Almost everyone does that. But if you are concerned about bedbugs, you should first go to the bathroom and leave your luggage there until you inspect the entire hotel room. Bedbugs are least likely to be in the bathroom since they are not big fans of tiles and there aren’t many hiding places for them. So, head for the bathroom to drop off your luggage and you will decrease the chance of picking up bedbugs.

  1. Inspect the bed thoroughly

Bedbugs just love beds, hence the name. It’s clean, comfy and a perfect place to get their meals. So, before you hop on the bed after an exhausting journey, make sure to inspect it in detail. Check under the linens, behind the headboard and under the mattress. Also, take an extra few minutes to check under the bed and in the corners around it because bugs might just be there. If you spot any dark dots, notify the hotel staff immediately!

  1. Think outside of the box

While bedbugs are most likely to be in the bed, don’t stop your inspection there. If you really want to protect yourself from bedbugs, you need to be more creative.  Bedbugs are big fans of corners, hidden places and small objects. So, go even further and check the pictures, frames, silverware and any small objects you find in the room. Being precautious is the best solution for this problem!

  1. Wrap your suitcase in plastic

This is a great trick that you can use anytime you travel. Wrapping your suitcase in plastic will not only protect you from bedbugs, but will also protect your luggage from getting damaged. It’s an easy way to stay fine while traveling and can save you from picking up unwanted guests abroad.

  1. Ask the hotel staff

Many people don’t know that, but a great deal of hotels put in extra effort to make a bedbug prevention plan. The majority of businesses in the hospitality industry are doing an excellent job in having an action plan in place to protect themselves and their guests. So, don’t be shy and ask about the bedbug prevention plan when you check in to a hotel. The staff will be more than welcome to share some tips and tell you what to do in case of an emergency.

If you love to travel and spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, you want to stay protected and avoid taking bedbugs back home with you. Keep these tips in mind for your next hotel stay and you’ll be fine!



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