Is Orange Oil Safe

Ever since an aggressive marketing push of Orange Oil in 2012, makers of Orange Oil and companies who still use it have made claims that Orange Oil is a natural, organic way to get rid of termites.


They also make claims or imply that Orange Oil is safe for the environment.


The truth is that Orange Oil is a pesticide and it is NOT safe for you or the environment!

The EPA’s Stance on Orange Oil


The EPA responded specifically to these types of claims in a letter in 2012 in which the EPA said that claims of even implied environmental and health safety are “Potentially False and misleading”.


Companies were ordered to remove any such claims about the safety of Orange Oil and stop distributing them.


Any licensed termite control representative that claims Orange Oil is safe either explicitly or implicitly is at best acting irresponsibly out of ignorance, or, at worst unethical or blatantly dishonest.

False Claims


Some termite control representatives selling Orange Oil make the claim that one of its added benefits is that it will leave behind a nice fragrance.


However, the Orange Oil label clearly states that it is “Harmful if inhaled. Avoid breathing vapor.


The label also clearly says that Orange Oil poses potential environmental hazards and makes it clear that allowing Orange Oil to contaminate water is prohibited.


The most egregious cases I have heard of dishonest Orange Oil peddlers are people who claim that Orange Oil product they will be used to treat your home is an essential oil.


If anyone makes that claim, kindly ask them would they use the B&G carrying Orange Oil and apply that essential good smelling oil generously on their skin. When they refuse, ask them to leave. If they do it, then call the idiot an ambulance.

Is Orange Oil Safe
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Orange Oil Is a Fire Hazard

Did I mention that Orange Oil is as flammable as rubbing alcohol? Oh, yes!  Orange Oil has the same combustible rating from the NFPA as rubbing alcohol.


Elsewhere, I discuss the problematic results when UC Berkeley tested Orange Oils efficacy,


Orange Oil is not a green product, it is not a natural product, it is not organic. It is a pesticide. Therefore, you should not use it as a way to remove termites. Instead, you should all a reputable pest control company who can treat your home for termites using products that are environmentally safe.




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