How can I prevent spiders from entering my home?

How can I prevent spiders from entering my home? Let’s face it – very few people like spiders. They are sneaky and scary. Whether they are 2 feet away from you or in the corner of another room, they’re intimidating. Many people struggle to keep the spiders away from...

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5 Warning Signs of Pest Infestation Every House Buyer Needs to Know

Shopping for a new home is exhausting. The realtor drags you from place to place and afterward all you can remember is the one with the orange shag carpet. Obvious flaws like moldy walls or leaning foundations make it easy to weed out some of the houses. However,...

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How can I declutter my garage?

We store so many items to keep them safe, and soon enough, we’re making such a clutter, we don’t even realize we’re creating an environment for creepy crawlers. Us SoCal folks rely on our garages as storage units since most homes don’t come with a good size attic or...

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