How can I declutter my garage?

We store so many items to keep them safe, and soon enough, we’re making such a clutter, we don’t even realize we’re creating an environment for creepy crawlers. Us SoCal folks rely on our garages as storage units since most homes don’t come with a good size attic or...

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How to Keep Coyotes Away

Coyotes straying into suburban and urban areas are becoming an increasing issue in Southern California, and residents have been worrying as they have become increasingly bold, aggressive and less intimidated by humans. In the past 12 to 24 months, there has been a...

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Black Widow Spiders: Panic maybe?

The question is not ‘are you surrounded by poisonous arachnids’ because at ground level, the answer is very likely ‘YEPPERS’.

The question is, ‘should you panic?’ And if so, ‘what kind of 5-year-old-at-Candy-Store-Black-Friday -Sale panic level should you set your freak-out meter to?’

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